London Infrastructure Summit - Live drawing.


A fun days freestyle illustrating at the London First Infrastructure summit that took place in the QEII Centre in Westminster. This year’s key topics were discussing transport and developments with regards to Crossrail 2, environmental issues: improving air and water quality within London, housing and the need of more affordable housing within the capital and the digital infrastructure with 5G being a big topic. Throughout the day I got to talk to numerous attendees and ask them what key factors they’d like illustrated on the wall. It’s always slightly nerve-wracking not having a sketch to work from but just as exciting to see how a mural organically grows and takes shape throughout the day…. Hoping to do more jobs like this in the near future!

Kona Hyundai Launch - Live painting on Boeing 747.

To co-inside with the launch of the new Kona by Hyundai I was invited to paint on a Boeing 747 over the course of the 3 day presentation. Each day multiple groups from Hyundai would partake in group workshops where I would have 15 minutes to put up words and mind-map thoughts and features of the new car.