Manchester International Festival, Mural for MCDC.

To coincide with MIF I had the opportunity to add a quick splash of colour and loving to Manchester’s Craft and Design Centre smack bang in the heart of the creative hub that is the Northern Quarters! If in Manchester the MCDC is must, some beautiful independent creatives selling handmade crafts with a lovely cafe to reenergise!

Szines Street Art Festival - Budapest 2016

Was kindly asked back to Budapest to partake in the forever growing Szines Varos Street Art festival happening throughout the streets of Budapest this October. I had the pleasure of painting four walls around the city. A huge thanks to Noemi for making this possible.  

Photo credits: András Farkas

New Screen-Print

A brand new illustration that I decided to make into a super limited edition Screen-print. Loved going in on the detail of the wood grain and playing with the composition and construction of the wooden heart. A two colour Screen-print, printed on Fabriano 5 HP  300gsm.

Dimensions 35cm x 35cm, designed and printed by myself.

Available to purchase here.